Expressive Silence

"You don’t need anyone who doesn’t need you."
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In hindsight, I can honestly tell myself that I was exactly the person I am. I made an effort to be a part of the things you enjoy and I made you a part of mine. I was willing to go above and beyond my means to make you happy and be active in the spontaneous shenanigans that popped into your head. I felt that we were compatible and that you were the best guy I’ve ever met. You fascinated me and I felt a connection that is going to be hard to shake. 

I don’t know if I will be able to see you and not feel that knot in my stomach that’s eating me away. I know things have ended and I can never get them back. I will come to accept it. 

But there’s one thing I’m sure that is true. I deserve someone who sees the wonderful things that make me who I am. I shouldn’t be fighting for your attention. I want to feel appreciated and like I’m the only person that could ever imagine themselves being with. 

Maybe we’re not right for each other, but the amount of energy I put into you definitely taught me a lesson. I cannot settle for someone who doesn’t notice all the amazing qualities I possess. 

I hope you find your dream girl. But I know I will move on from this experience and will meet someone who is able to make me happy. 

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Bokeh : Jouer avec la mise au point - By: (Celine Blaszykowski)


Bokeh : Jouer avec la mise au point - By: (Celine Blaszykowski)

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